Off The Beaten Track in Cambodia

Off the Beaten Track in Cambodia

When we first arrived to live in Siem Reap, Cambodia, otherwise known as ‘The Kingdom of Wonder’, we were itching to get out and explore. We were also keen to share what this beautiful country has to offer aside from the main attractions of the Angkor Temples, The Killing Fields and the southern beaches and islands. Whilst these are absolute musts, there’s also much more to Cambodia. There are many places off the beaten track in Cambodia that are away from the tourist hoards.

Many people only spend a few days to a week in Cambodia which, whilst it’s just enough time to visit some or possibly all of the main attractions, it doesn’t allow time to explore further and get to know the real Cambodia – off the beaten track.

With that in mind, I decided to create this series ‘Off the Beaten Track in Cambodia’. Over the 14 months we lived in Siem Reap we visited as many off-the-beaten-track destinations as we could (time and budget permitting). The aim is to encourage people to stay longer and make the most of their Cambodia Tourist Visa and explore off-the-beaten-track Cambodia and to see and experience some of its less touristy offerings.

In the end we managed to visit and write about eight different places that were more off the beaten path in Cambodia. I hope you enjoy reading about these and if you’re ever in Cambodia try to give the country a more time and visit some of them.

Happily we recently moved back to Cambodia in October 2019, so watch this space as I already have quite a list of other off the beaten track places in Cambodia to add to the series.