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How to Book El Chepe Train Tickets for Copper Canyon in Mexico - image of dark green Chepe Express

If you’re here it’s likely that you’ve already researched or read about Copper Canyon or Barrancas del Cobre; a series of six canyons in Northwestern Mexico. You’ve also probably decided you want to take one of the world’s greatest train journeys on the Copper Canyon Railway (Ferrocarril de Barrancas del Cobre) or ‘El Chepe’ as it’s known and are ready to book your El Chepe train tickets.

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El Chepe Train Tickets Booking Challenges

If you’re anything like we were, you’ve got as far as planning your trip and now want to know how to book El Chepe train tickets and to find out what the El Chepe train costs.

Despite considering ourselves well-travelled and always managing our own logistics we found this a real challenge a few years ago when had to book El Chepe (Copper Canyon) train tickets. There was information out there, but not much, and what there was gave conflicting advice.

After lots of faffing about, I eventually figured it out and got everything confirmed with just a few days to spare. However, I have good news for you. Since we went on the El Chepe train, the booking process has become much easier, for Chepe Express tickets at least, although for Chepe Regional it’s still a little more long-winded.

It is, of course, also possible and easy, to book El Chepe train tickets through an agency. In fact, you could arrange an entire Copper Canyon tour via an agency but this approach tends to come with a hefty price tag.

We always try to keep our costs down and book all our own travel so I’ve based this post on that. Here’s how to independently book El Chepe train tickets for the Copper Canyon:

Copper Canyon El Chepe Train Trip Decisions

Chepe Express, Copper Canyon in Mexico - train coming into Divisadero station

Before you can even think about actually booking El Chepe train tickets for your Copper Canyon trip there are three key decisions to make. Most of this information is on the El Chepe website but I’ve picked out the most important to help you.

1. What Direction to Travel on the El Chepe Tain

The direction in which you want to take the El Chepe train through the Copper Canyon – Los Mochis to Chihuahua or Chihuahua to Los Mochis. This will depend on where your prior and onward destinations are and the associated costs.

We were in Merida before the Copper Canyon and had plans to meet a friend in Guadalajara afterwards. This meant either direction would have worked for us, as we needed to take a flight or long bus journey at either end regardless.

We opted for Chihuahua to Los Mochis because the flights worked out cheaper.

2. Your El Chepe Train Itinerary

Which stations you want to stop at, on which dates, and for how long may influence which class of El Chepe train(s) you get. Your itinerary may also depend on what activities you want to do along the way. There are LOTS to choose from: half, full and multi-day hikes to waterfalls and into the canyon, horse-riding, mountain biking, and various sightseeing tours. The list goes on!

Which accommodation you want to stay at in the Copper Canyon may also impact your itinerary. Although most of the year you’re likely to be able to find somewhere to stay as you go if you have your heart set on a particular hotel, it would be best to book it in advance.

3. Class of Train – Chepe Express or El Chepe Regional

How to Book El Chepe Train Tickets for Copper Canyon in Mexico - image of dark green Chepe Express

There are two classes of El Chepe train – Chepe Express and El Chepe Regional. El Chepe Regional is more economical and Chepe Express is nicer and created more to cater for tourists.

The other main differences are the days of service, the stations they service, and of course the price and how you can book and buy El Chepe tickets.

There’s also a slight difference in the onboard facilities.

El Chepe Express

Duration – takes about 9 hours 40 minutes

Schedule – leaves from Creel at 8 am on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday arriving in Los Mochis at 5:40 pm. In the other direction, it leaves from Los Mochis on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8 am, arriving in Creel at 5:40 pm.

Please note that unlike Chepe Regional this train DOES NOT depart from or travel to Chihuahua.

Price – the entire journey one way for tourists costs 2,598 pesos (£120 / $153).

There are also other classes available: ‘Executive’ or ‘Business’ which is 3,374 pesos (£155 / $199) one way and ‘First Class’ which is 4,820 pesos (£223 / $287).

There are also return tickets available for all classes.

Permitted stops – you may stop at all stations on the route during your journey (for a minimum of one night). Therefore, if you want to take Chepe Express for the entire journey it’s very easy to plan your itinerary. 

It is also possible to book and pay for individual legs should you want to combine with some stretches on Chepe Regional or by bus, colectivo or car. 

Onboard facilities – Ulrike dining room, bar and terrace.

You ARE NOT permitted to take your own food on this train, although it’s up to you if you want to risk it. We didn’t see anyone else with their own food on this train.

When to book – MUST be booked in ADVANCE, you can’t buy tickets on the day at any station or on the train. 

That’s the official line anyway, however, if you’ve had a different experience please let us know.

El Chepe Regional (Turista and Economica)

Duration – takes about 16 hours 30 minutes.

Schedule – leaves from Chihuahua on Monday and Saturday at 7 am, arriving in Los Mochis at 10:28 pm. In the other direction, it leaves from Los Mochis on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at 6 am arriving in Chihuahua at 10:34 pm.

Price – the entire journey for tourists in the ‘Turista’ class costs 1,970 pesos (£93 / $117).

There is another class ‘Economica’ or ‘Economy’ which costs 1,034 pesos (£49 / $62) This is mainly used by locals, but tourists can use it too. 

Permitted stops – you may stop at three stations (including your final station) during your journey (for a minimum of one night) at no additional cost. The train stops at another 13 stations between the start and end stations so you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Most people stop at least at Creel because it’s at the start (or end) of the most scenic stretch of the canyon and at Divisadero/ Posada Barrancas for the best views.

Again it’s possible to buy El Chepe train tickets for individual legs, should you want to combine with some stretches on Chepe Express or by bus or car, or if you want to stop at more stations than allowed in the main ticket. 

Onboard facilities – Dining room.

Again you ARE NOT permitted to take your own food on this train. However, I did see several people with their own food and there are vendors at some of the stations you pass through so it’s up to you if you want to risk taking or buying food outside of the onboard dining room.

When to book – Turista class CAN ONLY be booked in advance or on the day from the ticket counter at either Chihuahua or Los Mochis station (in advance is recommended for tourists).

Economica class CAN ONLY be purchased from the conductor ON the train. We can personally vouch for this as we had to do this to get from our starting point of Creel to Posada Barrancas.

Here’s Andy’s El Chepe video from this part of the journey.


On the El Chepe website, you can find more information on schedules and prices on Chepe Express and El Chepe Regional. If you find the website doesn’t load – try setting a VPN to Mexico – this is the only way I can get it to work at the moment. Be sure to double-check the schedule yourself before booking because the times and prices are not set in stone and could change. It would be great if you could let me know if you find them to be different so I can update this post.

Which class of Copper Canyon train tickets you choose will depend mainly on your budget, itinerary and flexibility. You may decide like us, that you want to take a combination of classes to cut costs or because of the days you want to travel and where you want to stop.

Copper Canyon Railway View, Mexico

Ideally, we wanted to use El Chepe Regional for the entire trip as it’s cheaper and has many more stations you can choose to stop at. This didn’t work with our itinerary so we decided to book El Chepe Regional from Creel to Divisadero/ Posada Barrancas and then Chepe Express for the most scenic stretch from Posada Barrancas to El Fuerte. 

Don’t forget there’s also the option to travel by bus or colectivo. These tend to be slightly quicker and much cheaper than the train but don’t strictly follow the railway.

We took the bus for the first stretch from Chihuahua to Creel, and a colectivo for the final stretch from El Fuerte to Los Mochis. We’d read these sections weren’t very scenic so saving some cash won over on taking the train for these.

Car travel is also possible, but be sure to research thoroughly, especially the safety aspect of your road trip.

Booking El Chepe Train Tickets

Once you’ve considered all the information, made your key decisions and applied for your Mexico tourist card if needed (depending on the country you are travelling from), it’s finally time to book your El Chepe train tickets.

Here’s where you will have a much easier job than we did when we booked ours as the process has since been much improved and is what I’ll share next.

Reminder: The below is based on booking Chepe Express or El Chepe Regional Turista tickets, as these are the only classes that can be booked in advance.

For Chepe Regional Economica you’ll either need to get yourself to Chihuahua or Los Mochis before your trip to buy tickets in advance or on the day at the station ticket counter OR you can buy tickets from the conductor on the train at intermediate stations. 

How To Book Chepe Express Tickets

As of 2022, it’s now possible to book Chepe Express tickets online by going to the Chepe website and clicking on ‘Book Train’.

Select the class of train you want a ticket for, along with the origin and destination for your journey, then add your travel date. Click ‘Add Stop’ to add more legs to your journey.

Finally, complete the online form with your details and make your payment via their online system. Unlike what we had to do, it’s no longer necessary to email and send credit card details. 

Once you’ve paid, you should then receive an email confirmation of your Chepe Express train tickets straight away.

How to Book El Chepe Regional Tickets

It’s only possible to book El Chepe Regional Turista tickets via email ( or from the ticket counter at either Chihuahua or Los Mochis station. If you buy them from the ticket counter, it’s best to go at least the day before to buy them in advance, although you can buy them on the day if the train isn’t full.

You can’t book El Chepe Regional Economica tickets by email. So, you’ll either need to get yourself to Chihuahua or Los Mochis before your trip to buy tickets in advance or on the day at the station ticket counter OR you can buy tickets from the conductor on the train at intermediate stations.

Tip: If you’re hoping to travel by El Chepe Regional during a public holiday like we did for Semana Santa, you may wish to reconsider and pay the extra to book Chepe Express in advance.

It’s likely to be very busy and with El Chepe Regional there’s a risk there may not be enough room on the train(s) you want to travel on.

We struggled to get on our train from Creel to Divisadero and it wasn’t much fun being pushed and shoved in amongst the crowd of locals also trying to get seats.

That’s it, you should now have all the information you need to book your Chepe Express tickets; (plus some useful information on El Chepe Regional, if that’s your preferred option).

Now you can concentrate on finalising your accommodation and activities and enjoying your trip!

One final top tip is don’t forget your camera to photograph and video the most incredible, epic landscape. This really was our only regret, that we didn’t have a decent camera with us.

For ideas on what to see and do in the Copper Canyon have a look at our 5-day Copper Canyon train ride itinerary and, for more information, you can also read more about Copper Canyon here this series of six canyons in Northwestern Mexico.

Have you travelled through the Copper Canyon by El Chepe train recently? Have I missed anything from our process to book El Chepe train tickets?

Planning Your El Chepe Train Trip?

Planning your El Chepe train trip? Here are some of our recommended useful resources to help you have the best time possible.

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  1. Me

    I have made my reservation and we leave Sunday 3/12/2023. 2 adults and 2 children from Creel to Los Mochis, we are returning by Chepe Regional. My question, anyone have suggestions on best option to get from Cd. Juarez, CHIH to Creel, CHIH? Also recommendations for hotel in Creel and transportation in Creel from hotel to train station?

    I will return with updates and review when we return.

      1. Jill

        Lots of great info here & I’ve made a (short notice!) decision to travel from Chihuahua to Los Mochis with 1 or 2 overnight stops, hopefully leaving on January 6th.
        I was hoping to book ahead for the Tourista class but despite having emailed El Chepe 3 times over the past 2 weeks I’ve had no reply.
        Would you be able to let me know the website address to get the timetable, and whether or not it’s active at the moment?
        Also are you able to confirm that I can definitely buy an Economica ticket on the train on the day if I can’t get a reply from them?
        Huge thanks!

        1. Tanya Korteling

          Hi Jill,

          The link to the website in the post is correct BUT as I’ve just discovered it’s are not working for me now either.

          However, I have found a solution by using a VPN (Virtual Provate Network) with the country set to Mexico – then the website loaded fine. Once it loads you can just click on the Blue [BOOK TRAIN] button at the top right of the screen.

          This is the URL for the schedules

          I can’t 100% confirm about the Economica tickets but you can’t reserve those on the website so I can only assume its only possible to get them at the station or on the train as detailed in my post.

          I hope that helps


          1. Jill

            Thanks for the extra info Tanya, I can a cesz the websites but they only seem to offer schedules on the Express train leaving from Creel & I would need to depart from Chihuahua & therefore need the El Chepe Regional train.
            I don’t think my schedule will allow time to take the bus from Chihuahua to Creel so I was really hoping to avoid this!
            I’d be very grateful for any further advice!

  2. AnnaMarie

    Which airport is closest to each end of the train routes and how would you recommend getting to and from the airport to the train stations?

      1. AnnaMarie

        Thank you for the names of the nearby airports. How do you recommend getting to and from the train stations to the airport?

        1. Tanya Korteling

          Hi; I would recommend getting a taxi. That is how we did it. 😀

  3. Dan Svrchek

    Thanks for all the helpful information. I went in 2006 on the whole route, and now I’ve decided I think I want to go back in six weeks December 2022. Do you think that’s enough time to book? As of now is online booking functional on their website? I think I would want meals on the train so that would be tourist class I think, at least for the return trip to los mochis, is that still necessary to book online? Thanks again, Dan

    1. Tanya Korteling

      Hi Dan;

      Exciting for you, I expect it will have changed a bit since then. I’m not 100% sure if it’s enough time, but I expect so. I’m honestly not sure about booking via the website – it wasn’t when this post was last updated and currently the website is completely down. So, probably best to follow the steps in my post – but keep checking the website to see if it goes back online.

      I hope you’re trip goes well – please do report back if anything is out of date in my post as I’d love to be able to update it.


      1. Dan Svrchek

        Thanks Tanya,
        I bought a plane ticket to Los Mochis today for January! I’m goung to follow your instructions on making a reservation with the El Chepe. I’m going to start in Los Mochis, stop in 3 towns on the way to Creel for 2 days each, and then go back to Los Mochis on the Express train non-stop. I’m wondering if I should I just take the second class train on the way up to Creel since it will be in shorter segments — since the only reason in my mind for 1st class would be the meals on a longer trip? On my trip in 2006 I spent most of the time standing in the vestibules, looking/hanging out the window! not sitting, and I don’t mind if it’s a little rougher or not as clean, etc. What would be your opinion? Thanks, Dan

        1. Tanya Korteling

          Hi Dan;

          That sounds great. Personally, I think I would do the 2nd class train one way on the shorter segments as it will be more ‘real’ (not to mention cheaper)!

          Please let us know how you get on with second class and if it was easy to just get on it at each station.

          I hope you have a great journey 🙂

      2. Dan Svrchek

        Hi Tanya,

        Here’s an update: I emailed El Chepe, they responded immediately with Timetables for the Express and the Regional. So after mapping out my plans, I made my reservation for for an Express from Los Mochis on Jan. 16,2023 and they responded immediately with a confirmation, and a link to the website to pay by credit card. Then I will be able to take the Regional from Creel to Los Mochis and stop every 2 or three days along the way. The current schedule is as follows:

        Express Los Mochis to Creel: Monday-Wednesday-Friday 8:00am (only Mon&Fri in low season)
        Express Creel to Los Mochis: Tuesday-Thursday-Sunday 8:00am
        Regional Los Mochis-Chihuahuia Thursday&Sunday 6:00am
        Regional Chihuahuia-Los Mochis Wednesday&Saturday 6:00am

        They will email you actual timetables of both pretty quickly. They didn’t give me any fares for the regional, but I’m sure they are good.

        Thanks again,

        1. Tanya Korteling

          Hi Dan;

          This is great – thankyou for the update. It sounds as if it was easier for you booking than when we went.

          I hope you have an amazing trip.


        2. Jaslyn Loh

          Hi Dan & Tanya,

          Thanks for this. Seriously useful as i’ve such a hard time trying to find info for the schedule and how to book the ticket. I’ll be heading there in april 2023. seems like a long way away but i’m excited. If there’s any more tips you can share, i’ll be very grateful if you can send them along.

          Thank you!!

          1. Tanya Korteling

            Hi Jaslyn;

            I’m glad you fond it helpful. I hope you get to do your trip next year and have a great time.

            Please do let us know how it goes


    2. Karina

      Thank you so much for this info. Planning on going December of this year. I’ll keep you updated on how my booking process went!!

      1. Tanya Korteling

        No worries at all. I hope you have a great time and yes, please do let us know how you get on 😀

  4. Momo

    Hello Hello,

    Juste pour te remercier comme beaucoup pour toutes tes explications qui m’ont été bien utiles et mon fait gagner je pense beaucoup de temps pour réserver mon trajet.

    Nous avons fait le choix d’un El fuerte à Posada en Turista sur le regional et de Posada à Creel en économica pour réduire les coûts. Nous n’aurons pas la chance de découvrir l’express qui a l’air super beau :). Malheureusement, les horaires de train ont changé depuis ton article et si on prenait l’express on ne restait que 24h à Posada.


    Just to thank you as much for all your explanations which were very useful to me and I think I save a lot of time to book my trip.

    We have chosen an El fuerte in Posada en Turista on the regional and Posada in Creel in economica to reduce costs. We will not have the chance to discover the express which looks super beautiful :). Unfortunately, the train schedules have changed since your article and if we took the express we only stayed 24 hours in Posada.

    Bye Bye

    1. Tanya Korteling


      I’m glad you found my post useful. Thank you for letting me know about the schedule change too, I do recommend readers double check the schedules
      on the website before booking as they are subject to change.

      I hope you have an amazing trip in the Copper Canyon.

      Tanya x

  5. Sue Paxton

    Hi, thank you so much for all your info, this will help us no end as we are just about to book our flights, Sue and Dave Paxton x

    1. Tanya Korteling

      Glad you found it helpful, have a great trip 😀

  6. TanyaKorteling

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for viewing my post – have you watched documentary on channel 5 in the UK today about the El Chepe and the Copper Canyon?

    Someone tell me what the documentary was like and all about – because we’re currently stuck in Cambodia and couldn’t watch it.

    Any questions feel free to drop me a comment…

    1. John frankish

      Hi,it was a brill programme, just looking into it myself. John f.

      1. TanyaKorteling

        I shall have to try and watch it somehow – any questions feel free to drop me a message.

        1. Steve Lovett

          It is on channel 5 on demand at the moment Worlds most scenic railway journeys

          1. TanyaKorteling

            Thanks – I’ll see if I can find it 😀

  7. Ted

    It’s not helpful at all, you don’t have to buy tickets in advance or online. You can just buy the tickets in the train. Trains from Creel are leaving Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. Just walk into the station, you can see what time they leave, step in the train and buy a ticket!

    1. TanyaKorteling

      Hi Ted,

      Thanks for your message, it’s hard to keep track on changes to schedules and prices so I appreciate it when a reader let’s me know of a change I may not have heard about and I actually request this in my post 😀

      In this instance, I was actually in the process of reviewing my post following clarification from El Chepe on their new schedule and prices following updates on January 11th 2020, but thank you for flagging this for me anyway.

      The post has now beeen updated with the revised schedule and prices.

      You are also correct that you don’t HAVE to buy tickets online, Chepe Regional Economica (used mainly by locals and commuters) can be purchased on the day at Creel.
      However, Chepe Regional Tourista and Chepe Express tickets still need to be purchased in advance online – this has been confirmed to me by my contacts at El Chepe.

      All of this was already stated in the post, but thanks for checking.


  8. Matt


    Thanks for the in depth info on how to book. Do you have any recommendations for stops? We are going to get the regional train so will need to book places to stay depending on where is good? You’ve mentioned creel so that will be one of our stops.

    Thanks for your advice in advance,


  9. Chris Hugo

    Your train schedule section is grossly in error. The Express leaves Los Mochis at 0730, and the return to Los Mochis that stops in Creel also departs from there at 0730. This is definite, correct information as I just booked our passage via chat on the company’s web site for our trip in two weeks. The cost is $8,400 MX / pp for “Executive Class” service.

    Your misinformation caused me to panic as i had made a Creel hotel reservation months ago based on the RR site’s schedule but bumped into your page as I looked to secure train tickets. Your posted schedule has times that not only prohibited our train trip but have corollary impacts on two non-refundable nights in Los Mochis that are bookends to our overnight train trip. As we say in Mexico, “muy pobre!”

    1. TanyaKorteling

      Hi Chris,

      I’m extremely sorry you found incorrect information on my site. At the time of the last update of this post the information was 100% correct – having
      checked it appears the schedule was recently updated and I wasn’t aware. Thanks for flagging this error for me, I have now updated the post with the correct times.

      With regards to the cost of the ticket – my post was showing the correct price – however it was for a single journey, it seems the price you paid was a return. I have now updated the post to show both prices.

      I’m sorry if the incorrect old information caused you any problems, however, I do have links throughout the post to the schedule and prices so readers can check for themselves before booking. I’ve added a note to the post recommending people do so.

      Thanks again for your message enabling me to update the post with the most recent information.

  10. Barbara armstrong

    Your how to book guide was very helpful and worked like a dream. They responded in 24 hours, and there was several days of emails as train schedules didn’t quite fit my9 other programme.
    A couple of updates:
    1. THE CHEPE express goes from creel on Tuesday Friday and Sunday only and back the other days. No trains run on Wednesday. I don’t know if expess will run daily in high season but as I travel in the first week of July I though that would be high season.
    2. I was only given the card option to pay. The site is a secure one and when I paid electronic tickets arrived immediately
    3. All emails arrived in my inbox except the ones with attachments which went to spam. They did chase to say had I received the booking offer, at which point I checked spam

    1. TanyaKorteling

      Hi Barbara, so glad to here it worked o.k. for you. Thanks for the updates too.

      I remember we were originally only given the card option but asked for another option as our card payments weren’t working.

      With regards to the Chepe Express schedule it was daily so maybe they’ve reduced it for low season – I’ll double check with my contact and update the post if necessary. I’ll also update for people to check spam for emails with attachments.

      If you haven’t taken your trip yet – I hope you have a great time.


  11. Steph

    This is such a helpful article and looks like such a scenic train journey!

    1. TanyaKorteling

      Thankyou 🙂


    Many thanks for this advice. Worked immediately.
    I had actually clicked on the “contact” on the Chepe website and got an answer from a travel agency…. found this a little strange so looked on internet for more infos I found your blog…. Great infos !

    1. Lottie Reeves

      That’s brilliant to hear – so glad my post helped you! Have a fantastic trip 🙂

  13. sonia Rice

    Very usefull! thank you for all those explanation with all details. I am booking very soon from Creel. Muchas gracias.

    1. TanyaKorteling

      Hi Sonia, I’m so glad you found my post helpful. I hope you have a fantastic trip!

  14. sonia Rice

    Very well explained with details. I will book very soon and will feel confidnt.
    Muchas gracias

  15. Maria

    Thank you for this informations! They helped me to get a ticket ?????! Just send a mail to ferromex, then it’s easy …

    1. TanyaKorteling

      No worries, so glad it helped. Hope you have a great time!

  16. Tony Oates

    Your advice worked a treat for me. I was getting worried, having read lots of other travel forums, about tickets for El Chepe, but I followed your advice, sent one email, “ferromex” replied with a confirmation and a link to pay by credit card (this without any prompt from myself) and once I’d paid online my ticket was generated automatically. Sorted! Muchas Gracias

    1. TanyaKorteling

      Hi, that’s great I’m glad my post was helpful! Hope you enjoy your trip!

  17. Alexandra

    Such helpful advice! So detailed! Thank you and great blog!

    1. TanyaKorteling

      Thank you so much – glad it’s helpful 🙂

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