Choo Ha Cenote Tour from Puerto Morelos | Mexico

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Choo Ha Cenote Tour from Puerto Morelos in Mexico

Choo Ha Cenote Tour

Layla Guesthouse provided us with a complimentary Cenote Tour which I’ve reviewed below. Read more in our full Product Review Disclosure

Robin the owner of Layla Guesthouse created the Mayan Experience Cenote Tour in conjunction with the same Mayan families that helped build Layla Guesthouse. They became friends and one day whilst Robin was visiting their Mayan village, they showed him the cenote they had discovered. The idea for a Choo Ha Cenote Tour was born and the rest is history. Now Layla Guesthouse and the Mayan families work together to enhance the facilities at the cenote and to deliver the tours. Layla Guesthouse helps support the Mayan village from the profits and contributes to the Cenote Green Development Fund.

Wood Carver’s Compound

Wood Carvers Compound on Mayan Experience Tour with Layla Guesthouse
The wood carver’s compound was set back from the road in the jungle. Paz and Robin showed us around and told us lots of interesting history about it and it’s people. The wood carver’s compound used to be the home to chicleros families. Chicleros were men who extracted tree sap to make chicle (chewing gum), the principal product of this area in the 20th centuryFollowing the invention of synthetic chewing gum, the trees were used for lumber instead.
Pillar Wood Carvings in Wood Carvers Compound
Wood Carving Shop in Wood Carvers Compound in Mexico


A Walk in the Jungle 

Jungle Walk at Choo Ha Cenote on Mayan Experience Tour with Layla Guesthouse
Bird Nest Fern on Jungle Walk at Choj Ha Cenote in Mexico


Dry Cave Exploration

Dry Cave near Choj Ha Cenote in Mexico

Swimming in Choo Ha Cenote 

Entrance to Choj Ha Cenote in the Yucatan Peninsuala, Mexico

We made our way down the limestone steps into the dark cavern, looking to the left as instructed by Robin ready for his ‘surprise’! The light suddenly flicked on to reveal a spectacular scene. Choo Ha Cenote, Yucatan, Mexico
Following Robin and Paz we tentatively dipped our toes in the water – it was freezing. There was only one way to get in and that was as quickly as possible. The shock of the icy water took our breath away but once we started to swim we soon became used to it. Robin swam and snorkelled ahead of us to guide us to all the best nooks and crannies. The view beneath the water when snorkelling was just as incredible as the view above. Although the water was very deep, it was so clear you could see all the formations; it would make for a great cave dive. It’s incredibly hard to do the beauty of this cenote justice with words and photos…you really just have to see it for yourself. 
Still awestruck by our swim in Choo Ha Cenote we dried off and changed ready for lunch in a nearby Mayan village. Before leaving a few of the group bought some Mayan honeybee products. There was honey, face cream, and immune booster each for sale for 200 pesos (£7.75) each.


A Mayan Family Lunch

Tortilla Making on Mayan Experience Tour with Layla Guesthouse
It was a short drive to the Mayan village where the family greeted us warmly with beaming smiles as they invited us into their home. Before we could have lunch it was time to help ‘Grandma’ make the tortillas. She was sitting at a low table by an open fire deftly patting the tortilla dough into discs before throwing them onto a flat pan to cook. She’d been hand-making tortillas for over 60 years so was an expert. Not so much could be said for us when it was our turn to give it a go – mine ended up with holes in it. Finally, it was lunchtime and after all our exploring we were starving and ready to eat.
Mayan Empanada and Tamale de Chaya. Choo Ha Cenote Tour
Machado de Pollo y Cerdo. Choo Ha Cenote Tour, Mexico
After we’d finished eating one of the young girls of the family showed us some traditional embroidery and bead bracelets they’d made. I couldn’t resist buying myself a little bracelet in the colours of Mexico; it was only 50 pesos (£1.95).
Completely stuffed full of amazing Mayan food we all piled back into the van for the 1.5-hour journey back to Puerto Morelos. It didn’t take long before most of us were sound asleep exhausted from our long, busy day.


Cost of a Tour With Layla Guesthouse

The price of a Mayan Cenote Experience Tour with Layla Guesthouse is 1,700 pesos (£66) per person (you’ll join a small group of other people). It takes place every Thursday, leaving at 08:30 am and returning to Puerto Morelos at about 5 pm. If you’d prefer a private tour (4 – 10 people) it costs 2,000 pesos (£77.65) per person and can be arranged for a different day.

This unique, intimate tour was a fantastic way to visit one of the lesser-visited, most stunning cenotes. There were only two other people at Choo Ha cenote at the same time as us and not a tour bus in sight! What made the tour especially memorable was the enthusiasm and in-depth knowledge both Robin and Paz had about everything we saw and did. They are clearly passionate about all aspects of the tour and this shone through adding real value to our experience.
Andy and I aren’t huge ‘organised tour’ people but we’re so glad we had the opportunity to do this one the Mayan Experience Cenote Tour. It’s an absolute ‘do not miss’ when you’re visiting this part of Mexico. We loved it and from what Robin was telling us it’s only going to get better!
Choo Ha Cenote Tour With Layla Guesthouse, Mexico
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Have you visited any cenotes in Mexico? Which did you visit and how was your experience?
P.S. If you want to get more off the beaten track in Mexico read about the Copper Canyon railway via the following link:
Product Review Disclosure: Layla Guesthouse provided us with a complimentary Mayan Cenote Experience Tour. This did not influence my post in any way and as always I’ve provided a balanced and honest review. Read more in our full Product Review Disclosure.
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