5-Day  Copper Canyon  Train Ride Itinerary


DAY 1 Chihuahua to Creel

Glimpses of the Sierra Tarahumara and pine-dotted valleys and ridges.  You’ll go through some authentic Mexican towns and villages. 

DAY 2 San Ignacio Arareko Hike

Hike in the forested hills and mountains of San Ignacio to Arareko overlooking Creel.  This area of land is a community managed project looked after by a Rarámuri community.

DAY 3 Creel to Divisadero/  Posada Barranca

The shortest leg of the train ride.  At Divisadero station is one of the best views of your Copper Canyon train ride.  Continue on to Posada Barrancas and take a canyon rim walk.

DAY 4 Posada Barrancas to El Fuerte

Get up early to visit the Copper Canyon Adventure Park and the longest zipline in the world. Back on El Chepe train for the longest stretch with spectacular scenery and hopefully a stunning sunset.

DAY 5 El Fuerte to  Los Mochis

Full of pastel coloured colonial buildings, charming El Fuerte has one of the prettiest squares we saw in Mexico.  Explore then catch the bus to Los Mochis, your last stop on your Copper Canyon El Chepe train ride.