Hot and Not – April 2017 Travel Update

Hot and Not - April 2017 Monthly Travel Update CoverWelcome back to our monthly travel update featureYou’ll see in Hot and Not – April 2017 Travel Update’  that we’ve had a busy month, but mainly in a good way. We’ve both been busy as usual with work and our blogging and vlogging, but we also got to celebrate Khmer New Year. Then towards the end of the month, we went on a much needed weeks holiday to Mondulkiri in North East Cambodia.

Here’s our ‘Hot and Not – April 2017 Travel Update’:

Hot and Not - April 2017 Travel Update Body

We haven’t made many plans for May as yet and will try to keep it that way so we can save some money and work on our blog and YouTube channel. The only thing booked in so far is a long weekend I’m going to take mid-May. I’m going to a forest eco-lodge called BeTreed and the Preah Vihear temples. It’s also our four year wedding anniversary at the end of the month, but as yet we have nothing planned for that either!

What are your thoughts on this feature and what was hot and not for you in April 2017?

P.S.You can read our other months travel updates via this link:

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