Hot and Not – February 2017 Monthly Travel Roundup

Hot and Not - February 2017 Monthly Travel Roundup CoverWelcome back to our monthly travel roundup featureYou’ll see in Hot and Not – February 2017 Monthly Travel Roundup’ that we’ve had a few frustrations and challenges this month, mainly around IT, mosquitoes and TEFL teaching. It’s also been rather busy with the first couple of weeks of the Chubmet Music and Art Festival that Siem Reap hosted, along with some other fun events.

Here’s our ‘Hot and Not – February 2017 Monthly Travel Roundup’:

Hot and Not - February 2017 Monthly Travel Roundup Body

I’m looking forward to March as I plan to take a long weekend trip somewhere which I’ll write about as the next installment in my Off the Beaten Track Cambodia series. It was going to be Battambang but unfortunately, Andy can’t make it so we’ll save that until he can come. I’ll do something he wouldn’t be so keen on, maybe trekking or Kratie to see the dolphins (Andy’s not a fan of either). We’ll also be feeling the full onslaught of hot season so could be challenging, the air-con may go on!


What are your thoughts on this feature and what was hot and not for you in February 2017?

P.S.You can read this feature for other months via this link:

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