2018 Travel Plans and Interactive Route Map

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2018 Travel Plans and Interactive MapSo after 16 months travelling in Asia (mainly Southeast Asia) and living and working in Cambodia, we’ve just spent an amazing, albeit cold 3 weeks back home with family and friends for Christmas and New Year. It’s now time for us to pack our bags again and head off on the next stage of our adventure – or should I say our new way of life as we hope to keep this up for a while yet! So what are our travel plans for 2018?

Travel Plans

We’ve actually made very few travel plans this time round…gone are my massive spreadsheets and lists (well I may still have a few sneaky ones – just don’t tell the man)! Andy’s extremely keen that we just try and wing things this time which as many of you know completely goes against the grain for me! However, we’ve been so busy in Cambodia and since we got back to the UK that I haven’t really had time to even think much about planning. We’ve booked our first two flights, our first lot of accommodation at our first destination, sorted out International Driving Licences, checked we’re up-to-date on vaccinations, and that really is just about it!

Leaving Norwich in the United Kingdom on 8th January 2018 we first fly to Varadero to explore Cuba for a couple of weeks before heading to Cancun in Mexico. From that point on we have no set plans at all. The rough idea is to travel through Mexico and Central America slowly, working online as we go – Andy teaching and myself in Data, Marketing, and Content Creation. We’ll most likely also stop in some places for a longer stretch of time to live and work to get know them and their people better!

I’m keen to spend some time brushing up on my Spanish language skills which are a little rusty and I’m sure Andy will take some lessons too. Some volunteering is also definitely on the cards this year too – Central America is the perfect place for volunteering in the areas of Wildlife and Nature Conservation, and Development!

Interactive Travel Map

Keep track of our joint travels in 2018 with our new interactive travel which will be updated everytime we move on to a new destination together. We’ll more than likely take a few solo trips ourselves too but these won’t be tracked here or it might end up looking like spaghetti junction!

2018 Travel Plans With Interactive Route MapPin me for later

As always if you have any questions or suggestions about anything we’re doing or anything that you read here or on Andy’s YouTube channel Going Nomad Aka Pigs on Bikes we’d love you to get in touch via the comments below.



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