How to get a Cambodia Visa on Arrival

How to Get a Cambodia Visa on ArrivalGetting a visa for Cambodia ‘The Kingdom of Wonder’ is one of the most straight forward immigration processes we’ve experienced so far when travelling. UK citizens and many other nationalities can get a 30-day Cambodia visa on arrival (VOA).

It should be noted that some ASEAN nationalities are exempt from needing a Cambodia visa for a specified number of days; whilst some nationalities aren’t eligible for a VOA and have to obtain one in advance. More detail can be found on the Royal Embassy of Cambodia website.

Each time we’ve visited Cambodia we’ve gotten a VOA, so this post is based on those experiences, validated with up-to-date information from the Royal Embassy of Cambodia.

Getting a Cambodia Visa on Arrival

A Cambodia VOA can be obtained on arrival at Siem Reap or Phnom Penh International Airports or at a number of land-border crossings between Cambodia and Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam, the exact checkpoints are in the Royal Embassy of Cambodia Visa FAQs.

Types of Visa

There are two types of Cambodia VOA:

Cambodia Tourist Visa (T)

The single entry Cambodia Tourist visa (T-class) costs $30 USD (£23.30 GBP), is valid for 30 days and can be renewed once for a further 30 days without leaving the country.

Cambodia Ordinary Visa (E)

If you know you’ll be staying Cambodia for longer than 60 days, don’t get a tourist visa. A renewable Cambodia Ordinary visa (E-class) is a better option, also known as a business visa. This single entry visa costs $35 (£27.20) and is again valid for 30 days, after which you can extend it.

Visa on Arrival Requirements

To get a Cambodia VOA you will need:

  • A passport that is valid for six months or more.
  • Two empty pages in your passport.
  • A completed application form; supplied on the plane, or, at the airport or land border crossing.
  • A passport photo, although if you don’t have one immigration will scan the one from your passport for a $2 fee.
  • The visa fee as mentioned above. This must be in US dollars.

Visa on Arrival Process

Cambodia Visa n ArrivalThe process for getting a visa on arrival couldn’t be simpler. You’ll just need to hand the immigration staff your application form, passport, passport photo and visa fee. They’ll then process your application in about five to ten minutes whilst you wait. When they give your passport back it will have the visa inside and you’ll be good to go.

If you’re planning on staying for longer than two months be sure to double check your you’ve been given the correct visa. An Ordinary (E-Class) visa should have an eight digit number preceded with ‘EI’ on the left of the visa.

Overstaying Your Cambodia Visa

There is a $10 USD (£7.70 GBP) per day charge if you overstay your Cambodia visa, which you’ll have to pay when you leave the country, you may also be charged for a visa extension, but this doesn’t always happen.

It is permitted to overstay for up to 30 days, if you overstay for longer than that you’ll not only be liable for the $10 USD per day overstay charge, but you could also possibly be imprisoned, deported or face a ban on travel to Cambodia in the future.

Visa Extensions and Work Permits

Tourist (T-Class) visas can be extended for one month without leaving the country, for subsequent renewals, you have to leave Cambodia and return in order to renew it.

Ordinary (E-Class) visas can be extended for 1, 3, 6, or 12 months by getting one of the new set of four E-class visas introduced in 2017. The 1 and 3-month extensions are single entry and the 6 and 12-month extensions are multiple entry.

There are rumours (at the time of writing), that work permits will be needed to renew the 6-month and 12-month Ordinary (E-Class) visas, but not for the 1 and 3-month extensions. It is being said that foreigners can provide a letter from their employer in place of a work permit confirming they will obtain a work permit as soon as possible. However, it should be noted that this hasn’t yet been confirmed or denied by the authorities.

I shall be sharing more on how to extend a Cambodia visa and how to get a work permit in the near future.

How to Get a Cambodia Visa on Arrival, Siem Reap, Cambodia

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Have you gotten your Cambodia visa in a different way to on arrival, maybe online or in advance? If so we’d love to hear how you did it in the comments below.

P.S. You can read more about living and working in Cambodia via the following link:

Disclaimer: Visa requirements for Cambodia are always subject to change, sometimes at short notice so be sure to double check requirements with your embassy before travelling.

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