Hot and Not – May 2017 Travel Update

Hot and Not - May 2017 Monthly Travel Update CoverWelcome back to our monthly travel update featureHot and Not – May 2017 Travel Update’ will be the last in this series; at least until next year. In the interim, I’ll be concentrating on another series I have in the pipeline, along with catching up on some posts from our earlier travels. Watch this space! 

So for the last time in 2017…here’s our ‘Hot and Not – May 2017 Travel Update’:

Hot and Not - May 2017 Travel UpdateI hope you’ve enjoyed this series; as always if you have any feedback on this or other posts please comment below. I’d also love any suggestions of what you’d like to read about next or any questions you may have.

P.S.You can read our other months travel updates via this link:

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